Hotel di Garut: "Raju Makes a Living"

Have you ever feel broke your heart? So bad, I mean really bad. The feelings that make you weak and sometimes it seems it will makes you cried out, but you wont. Those feelings, its not caused your relationship, not your girlfriends nor your boyfriends. Its almost about everything, about you, everyone who cared about, your dreams that you cant get. Its about all things that accidentally connected.  

Its about everyones, not only your own happiness but everything that get connected that you cared about, mostly but you think less about yourself. You dont know where is the finish line, you spend your time. You're living, but dead. The time that you gave more, but you get less. You give everything, but you get nothing.

Actually, Im a content writer and a photographer in Hotel di Garut Company and managing a website Tempat Wisata di Garut. As I loved to travelling to a beautifull places and take pictures. For my articles sometimes I play a role as  journalist, because thats what spiderman and superman did when I was a child. The thing that sometimes made me feel awesome. I've managing on a highly new website Hotel di Garut, and made some articles like "Hotel di Garut Berbintang 3."

So, while im out to searching some news about travels and hotels, I like to ask a question and get answer from several people, mostly strangers. The questions is about all information that connected to them and any tourism objects. But now is different, near a tourism objects I get the story of the people whos trying to survive for a living. Lets call him Raju, and these is his story.

The opening sentences is about Raju’s feeling, he says “It feel like broken your own heart into pieces when you working on a place that cant pay you more than you needed. But when you loves your job, you cant easily leave it. And the point is you really need those money to make you living, its better than nothing. And if you remember all person that you care about, you are getting strong. I hope its bright in the future.” 

Raju is working as a freelancer at casing linner home industries. He needs to live his family, a married man with four children. Raju was a jobless before, although he can speak english, quite good ten fingers typing, driving and a hard worker. He say that he can do those skills, but actually not an expert. He found interest for working in his new job because he loves to learn. He thought he will learn a lot with this home industry. His boss knew that he’s got those skills and extremely work him hard. Afterall, he knew that Raju loves his jobs and really need it. 

For Raju, first time he found interest on his job, that this home industry is working with other foreign companies and his job is replying email letter. As he can learn foreign language more, he can also learn about operating a computer too.

After three days his working behind desk, several employee quit their job on polishing. The  boss have to repick the employee but sounds it isn’t that easy. He asked raju to take this job besides email replier. And he accepted. Two weeks later, the driver and factory supervisor are quit either. And now Raju got four job to do. Polishing, driving, email contact and a supervisor.

He needs a twelve hours of working, sometimes almost 24. Check those email in the morning, continue with polishing those casing linner. In daylight till afternoon, he deliver the goods and unpacking them. Sometimes, when the office was closed and everyone on their way home, he still working in the factory with no room or even bed. Mostly, he will sleep on the table. 

He paid a hundred dollar a month. When I suggest him to quit he said, “No I cant, I don’t know where to go If I quit, Im getting old now. The company was helping me out when Im just a jobless, its making me to be someone, I’ve learn alot. Besides Im just a freelancer, I need this job even if the company doesn’t need me.

Maybe its a little different if they ask me to quit, then I will.” Lastly he says “But you can bold and underline it, I love my job, even those spirit sometimes getting down. I'm still loving it and try to live with it.”Now his wife needs surgery, she had a tumor in her breast. He just hope that everything is allright. So little chance for him to leave his job, all he can do just wait and see for a bright future.

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